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The Houston Center for Soccer

Welcome to The Houston Center for Soccer, where we strive to be a home, rather than a club, for soccer players all across the community. We want to help each player, on an individual basis, set, work for, and achieve their goals. Our doors are open 6 days a week for unlimited training opportunities with devoted, experienced coaches. We're here to help you execute your ambition one step at a time.

Since we are a soccer home for all players of all backgrounds, The Houston Center for Soccer remains club neutral.

This means that when you walk through our doors at HCSoccer, you are a soccer player, not a team member for team x, y or z.

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“My son spent the fall 2014 soccer season on a team led by Coach Jacy. I can’t say enough about what a knowledgeable and dedicated soccer coach Jacy is. Her positive energy, enthusiasm, motivation, encouragement, and most importantly patience made it a fun and rewarding experience for all the kids on the team. The kids loved participating in her fun drills at practice and she gave every child the encouragement and confidence to get involved in the action on game day. My son can’t wait to come back this fall and play soccer on her team.”

Soccer Training Houston

Statement from: Mother of a 3 yr. old boy

“The head trainer, Coach Jacy, gives creative drills that allow the athlete to perfect their skills in soccer whether it is speed, footwork, or physicality. You name it; Coach Jacy creates the best athlete you can be! Not only will your skills show that you have worked with Coach Jacy, but your attitude will also indicate your hard work with her, for she teaches determination on the soccer field and in life. Indoor soccer training is a blast with Coach Jacy so experience it yourself and have fun!”

Soccer Training Houston

Statement from: 12 yr. old elite female player

“Jacy brings extreme passion and dedication to the game of soccer. As someone who has been around the game for virtually her entire life (from her youth club years to her years where she played for a D1 college program, to her more recent years as a devoted trainer for competitive club teams as well as individualized private sessions) she is committed to player development while embracing a fun environment. Regardless of age or skill level, Jacy has a knack for providing a personalized touch and tailoring her training sessions to the player, and also does a tremendous job of teaching the overall game of soccer to the kids. I have really enjoyed seeing many players in the area flourish as great young confident players under Jacy’s guidance, and I look forward to seeing this trend continue through Jacy’s involvement at HCSoccer! In summary, I think the HCSoccer will prove to be a unique centrally located facility that should offer a year round outlet for so many kids in the area, regardless of age or skill level, to experience very qualified training and grow as great students of the game of soccer!”

Soccer Training Houston

Statement from: Father of 11 yr. old elite player

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